Character Profile-Casey Jones

Weapons-Golf Clubs, Baseball Bats, Hockey Sticks, various other sports equipment, and a White Hockey Mask.

Personality– In the comics Casey is a wise cracking , former pro-hockey player, who became a vigilante after an injury ruined his carrier. He hates crime almost to the point where he’s homicidal though he doesn’t actually kill.

Facts-The character of Casey Jones was meant to be a parody of the vigilante comics. In the CG film TMNT (2007) Casey Jones is voiced by Chris Evans who also played the Human Torch, another wisecracking superhero, films Fantastic Four and the and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer(2005-2007).

My 2 Cents-One of the best scenes in the first live action film is when Casey pulls the lever on the garbage truck to crush the Shredder.He looks around like he’s minding his own business and then accidentally  pushes the lever saying, “Oops!”


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