Character Profile-Leonardo



Weapon-Twin Katanas

Personality– Leonardo is the eldest of the turtles and the team leader in all the various turtle media. He is characterized by his strong sense of justice and honor and is completely devoted to his martial arts training.

Fact-In Volume 3 of the Image Comics “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” Leonardo lost his right hand in battle with the Shredder. He attempted to replace it with a prosthetic, made by Donatello, but got rid of it in favor of a steel cap with a retractable blade. This shows his devotion to martial arts as he decides to focus on training his body to compensate for the loss of his hand rather than just replacing it.

MY 2 CENTS– This was my favorite character growing up as I admired his strength and courage as I was a bit of a wimp growing up and I wanted to be like him because he was something I was not. Also, I have always been fond of characters who use a sword; King Arthur, Luke Skywalker, the Red Power Ranger; who all have the same qualities as Leonardo.


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